Thursday, April 17, 2014

Highlights of Sydney Escapades 1.1

Gosh! Such a big lapse in posting!! But I do have a legitimate reason.....our PC decided to give up on us and crashed! Finally! After months of contemplating left, right, centre, we finally got ourselves...

Another reason for my delay was I have been indulging my quiet nights with K-dramas..haha

Quickly getting back to collect my memories of Down Under trip here

We spent 4 days in Sydney and in this long post, I hope to cover the key highlights of our time in Sydney.

Sydney Fish Market
By the time the luggage arrived and we reached Sydney Fish Market, it was already their closing time. Still, we managed to roam around and feel the relaxing ambiance watching peeps tucking in their Fish & Chips.

so beautiful

Fish and Chips from Peter Fish Market

Hanging around at a park while savouring chips bought by Allan. Kids were too distracted by the nice playground to eat!

Darling Harbour 
Our timing were just nice and we were at Darling Harbour on 30 Nov - which was the official opening of Darling Harbour’s Christmas celebrations. Before the stunning night began, the kids had FUN at the Darling Quarter Kids Playground! There was this West Coast Park alike web which rises at least 10m up - awesome challenge for the kids. Super big slides that the kids could have gone on and on.

Pump Station - total 26 water jets I read!

Got to drag them out from the playground in order to grab good seating places to watch Water Spectacular. By then, the crowd already filled up. We were treated to a sensational Water Spectacular show comprises of water-skiing Santas, inflatable Santas floating on water and many more. But, the most most most amazing of it all was the mesmerising fireworks (where I felt that I have watched at least 5 yrs worth!)  

Along with the fireworks, there was carolling girls and a parade of Santas in different shapes and sizes. It was a stunning night. 

Gotten a good spot at Cockle Bay Wharf!

See how big the crowd was

Hillsong Church
The next morning, we decided to visit Hillsong Church! It was a cosy service.

The kids enjoyed their children service as well. To our pleasant surprise, the church set up a barn and brought in lambs for Xmas! Hope my kids did not traumatised them. They had such a nice cuddling time with the little lambs and we gotta drag them out.

The Rocks

Spending time at The Rocks is one of the must do in Sydney. It houses galleries, restaurants, boutiques and various souvenir shops. It is made of narrow cobble stoned lane ways. Their unique merchandise especially the arty farty stuff were a bliss to look at.

Pancakes on The Rock
The fluffy pancakes tasted heavenly especially with the melted butter and maple syrup! If you love pancakes like me, this is a must-visited place which is conveniently located at The Rock .

Sydney Opera House

You wouldn't miss Sydney's most well known and photographed landmarks! Spent the lovely evening walking around Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge!

See the vibe at the Opera House 

 Up close and personal

The Harbour Bridge

Closer to the bridge

If you are wondering where Seth was...he was actually having his beauty nap right after the visit to the Rock. It was only nearing the beautiful night scene, he woke up to snap a "I'm in Sydney" shot. 

At dunno which garden - Could it be Botanical Gardens? The result of much delayed blogging!

Will cover the rest soon...i promise :p

Monday, December 23, 2013

Down Under - Sydney Escapades Part 1

Been away for 17 days for a road trip in Down Under with our good family friends and this must be by far our longest trip coupled with an eventful start!

Scare #1
While processing our check-ins at Changi Airport, DH was informed that he was listed as over-stayer in Australia! He almost couldn't checked in.Thankfully, he recalled the last time he went Australia for reservist, the group check out may not have processed properly.  After checking for the longest time, he was finally allowed to fly!

Scare #2
When we reached Sydney, we found that Shan's luggage was nowhere to be found! To make things worse, we then realised that we had only 3 luggage tag when we had checked in 4 luggage! Must be the "commotion" at Changi that caused it. After making a report and believing that God's protection was over us, we made our way to our accommodation. While we were settling in, a call from Sydney Airport that our luggage was found and arrangement made to send to us.

God is da best!!

We booked our Sydney Apartment through Airbnb and it's really awesome! Strongly and highly recommend if you needed a apartment. We stayed at 2BD Apartment located at Stanmore Road for 4 nights. Initially, when DH booked this apartment, I was abit apprehensive because of the description on the website...

cut and pasted below:
"Our gay friendly apartment is located in the thriving Newtown/Enmore district. Minutes walk from the iconic Enmore Theatre and the caf├ęs, restaurants and bars of Enmore Road and Newtown's bustling King St. Our apartment comfortably sleeps 4...."

We were so wow-ed by them! And their lovely touches really warmed our heart especially when we were still anxious about the whereabouts of Shan's luggage. Space was big! Contained our family of 5 very well!

Al & Bridge (the host) purposely bought a set of board game as they knew that we were travelling with young kids. I'm impressed! The kids had fun playing it while DH settling the check in. Not only the board game, they prepared brand new colouring books and colouring materials. Seth and Sky enjoyed colouring each night when we were back to the apartment! If you see the bookcase behind DH, there's actually a variety of books!

Bridge teaching the kids how to play the game

Several DVDs collection! Too bad, we do not have the luxury of time to watch any of them!

The kids room

Our room

The well stocked kitchen

They complimentary provided a loaf of muffin bread, Peanut Butter, Jams and Vegemite!

The unit is big, clean, fully equipped with washer and a well stocked kitchen. The host were extremely warm and nice! Not forgetting how friendly the prices are! Definitely will book our stay here should we be going back to Sydney again!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Fitness Leap

This year has been an extremely fulfilling year in terms of my fitness level. I am not an exercise person. But as I am approaching "Eldershield" age soon, I decided this year, I gotta put much effort.

While my exercising schedule was rather sporadic and not very consistent, I must still pat myself on the shoulder for the effort I have put in this year to attempt to increase my fitness level.

This year, we have attended complimentary lessons at Fitness first, completed 12 lessons of Zumba in CC, adhoc exercise cum pastor session with DH at our Gym and bought Groupon deal for Power Plate sessions.

Out of the various exercise sessions, I really enjoyed and find myself worked out during the Power Plate sessions at Croyez Studio. After each session, I find myself more toned up! Each session lasted for 40mins and ended with a high density massage on the Power Plate.

Unfortunately, we also pigged out alot! After each session, we will feed our hungry souls at different restaurants at Dempsey. We scheduled one exercise session on a Monday and were greatly disappointed that a number of eating outlets were closed on Monday. After that Monday, we decided no more exercise on Monday. Hmmm...our aim is to eat or exercise!?!?

My favorite got to be Chang Korean BBQ at Dempsey. Went back twice in a row and we were pleasantly surprised by the different side dishes. According to the them, they changed their side dishes every two weeks. How awesome is that! So love love love the food!

Ooops, this is not suppose to be a foodie post.

The greatest fitness achievement was  - together with some of my CG friends, we signed up for GE Women's Run 2013. Ok, so, it was only a 5km run but still it was a big leap for me!!

For the first time this year, Great Eastern also gave out medal for 5km run. Woohoo!

I trust next year will be a better and fitter year - perhaps more regular exercise at our Gym?! Cheers!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Posting soon

Just back after spending 17 days in Down Under! Slowly getting back my engine to blog soon!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Singapore First Science Street Fair

Science Centre was having its 35th Anniversary Open House and it opened its doors free to all visitors between 8 - 11 Nov 13! Right after roaming in the pre-historic age of dinosaurs, we were brought back by the time machine into the futuristic.

For the first time ever, Science Centre organised a Science Street Fair. It hosted many unique game stalls, all of which has a science element behind. We were given coupons to be used at the game stalls, with each game at $1 or $2.

Upon setting our feet at the fair, the boys were attracted by the driverless vehicle created by Singapore- MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) and the boys were kindly being given a ride on it. This autonomous vehicle can go up to max speed of 24m/hr. How cool is that.

The boys had tremendous fun playing at different stalls and learning the science concept behind it.

Along at each stall, there's an explanation on the science concept behind each game.
Sky's favourite got to be the Mind Ball Challenge. A control device was strapped on his head. These head band measured Alpha and Thetra waves which correspond to focus and relaxation. Through the sheer power of will, you will be able to control the ball movement by sending signal to your brain.

What a well-spent fun afternoon! As Seth missed his nap time, he quickly went to la la land when we were on the way home.